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Jonathan Taylor​

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Why Us


We believe Every Individual, Every Product, Every Business or Corporation has opportunities overlooked that can make big impacts......and that we can bring fresh ideas, innovative products and create smart solutions to help you add better productivity, profits to your company and higher value to your customer.

Our foundation is built on experience, continuing research, and a team of extraordinary people that think outside the box...so you can do what you do best ---- work better, profit better --- and BE better...in the box.


We help  your product, business, corporation and you surpass your intention.  We spend lots of time outside the box so you don't have to.  Whether you are growing, struggling or doing just fine, We have always had the ability to find that extra "thing" that helps be more efficient, more productive, more profitable and more valuable.

We have over 32yrs of enhancing products, helping businesses increase revenue, helping individuals make more money and time.


Your results are our goal.

Our ability to discover new products, cost-reducing production methods and profitable opportunities that have been overlooked by others is what gives us, AND YOU, the competitive advantage to stand out.

  • Creative Consultant

  • Strategy & Organization

  • Product Testing and Design

  • Improve Efficiency

  • Problem Solving and Proactive Consulting​

  • Financial Analysis​

  • Market Assessment and Consulting​

  • Branding and Advertising​

  • Internet and Direct Marketing​

  • Inventions​

  • Innovation

  • Employee Training

  • Personal and employee development